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Build health, confidence, and friendships

A place where feeling great is the priority. Box your way to your fitness goals and smile your way to better health.

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Staying committed is not always easy

  • Finding time

  • Staying Motivated

  • Boring workout routines

  • Lack of support and encouragement

Our classes are ready to be the highlight of your week



Mon, Wed, Fri 6pm and 7 pm

Boxing style fitness

Taking a boxercise class can provide a sense of community because it is a group activity where individuals can work together to achieve their fitness goals. Additionally, boxercise is a fun way to gain better fitness because it combines elements of boxing and aerobics to provide a full-body workout that can be both challenging and enjoyable.

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Kids Boxing

Tues and Thurs age 5-11 5pm

                           age 12-18 6pm

Where kids flourish

Boxing classes for kids can improve strength, coordination, and cardiovascular fitness while also teaching discipline, focus and self-defense skills. It can also boost children's self-confidence, self-esteem and help them to channel energy in a positive way. It's a great way for children to get active and develop valuable life skills.

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Amatuer Boxing

Tues and Thurs 7:30pm

The road to competitive boxing

Taking an adult boxing class can provide many benefits including self-defense, competition and fitness. It can be a great way to push oneself, improve one's skills and also can help develop discipline. Whether you want to be world champ or the master of your own life - the foundations for greatness start here.


Get the motivation and support you need

At Spit n Sawdust, we believe that you should leave every class feeling better than when you came in.

At Spit n sawdust, we believe getting and staying in shape shouldn’t feel like an unbearable chore. We’ve all been there. We know the struggle is real. And we’ve created a gym that provides the solution.

We make fitness fun so you stay committed and become the healthy and confident person you deserve to be! You’ll look forward to going to the gym and leave feeling amazing!

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Wellbeing and Support Focussed

Mental | Physical | Social 

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Proud Member of the ABA

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Men's Health Top 100 Gym

in the world 2019

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You'll soon feel part of the family

Eileen Thompson

Absolutely fantastic. Relaxed. You do what you can do and the feel is friendly and supportive. Dave you are a star!

Mark Hamilton-Taylor

My son gelled with Dave straight away, Dave understands people and has their best interests at heart.

James Walker

Great gym, good people, community spirit, great ethics

Get started with a simple plan

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Step 1

Start your 7-day free trial

Fill out and submit the Free Trial request form. We’ll contact you right away to answer any questions and schedule your first class.


Step 2

See how we can help

Experience workouts you’ll love with people you’ll love working out with. See how staying committed to the gym is easier than you thought.

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Step 3

Enjoy the body & health you deserve!

Imagine a new you! You’ll feel increased energy, strength and endurance after only a few weeks. You’ll be looking and feeling your best in no time!

Get Started

Boxing beyond the sport

Membership Options

Memberships are ongoing, billed monthly via direct debit or credit/debit card. No contract is required, only 48-hours notice is needed to cancel membership. Payments for monthly dues will be charged on the same date each month.  It's that easy!

See how our schedule fits into your life

Proud to be part of the Banbury Community

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